Improvements and Impacts



The football helmet has changed a lot over the years and has affected people's lives because of its improvements. The most affective improvement was the change in the material. The first football helmet material was leather. This material was very flimsy and did not give much protection at all. Next came the plastic football helmet. This helmet had a very hard shell that protected player's heads a lot better. This new innovation also came with a cotton web suspension for the head and neck. These two additions to the football helmet have impacted a lot by decreasing head injuries.
     Another way the plastic football helmet improved was in air circulation. The leather football helmet had no air circulation in it so the players heads got very hot. With the new innovation, the plastic football helmet, air can circulate through so the player's head is not too hot. With this players could play longer so they wouldn't have to take a break because they got too hot sometimes.
     There was one more thing that the plastic football helmet helped with. That improvement is the way water affects the helmet. The leather football helmet would not protect as well when it was wet because of the material. With the plastic football helmet, when water hit the helmet it just runs off. This helps so rain or snow doesn't change anything
As you can see the plastic football helmet gives a lot better of protection to players than the leather football helmet.